Produkt Polski
Polish Product

The 'Polish Product' label guarantees the local origin of the chicken and feed.

bez atybiotykow

No antibiotics

Opt for natural farming and high-quality meat that will delight you with its taste.

Introducing a unique product:

Natural Chicken from Wielkopolska

Discover antibiotic-free chickens from our natural farming. Our products are the perfect choice for those who appreciate healthy and flavorful meat.

Chickens raised without the use of antibiotics guarantee high-quality meat, its juiciness, tenderness, and a unique, natural flavor.

wielkopolski kurczak naturalny bez antybiotykow z warzywami
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For those who crave freshness and natural flavor, antibiotic-free natural chickens are an excellent choice. And there's plenty to choose from – from broth portions to whole chickens!

With love for family farming and the tradition of Polish agriculture.

Our chicken farms

Our late father, Kazimierz Brygier, built a small poultry house near Kiekrz, near Poznań, and started a breeding business that grew over the years. In 1980, Kazimierz moved production to Czerlejno near Kostrzyn Wielkopolski, not far from Poznań, where his son and successor, Damian Brygier, took over the farm in 2014.

In search of innovative solutions and responding to the needs of a rapidly changing market, in 2018 Damian made the decision to expand the business and collaborate with other breeders in the Wielkopolska region.

Learn more about our farm:
These people are responsible for our Natural Chicken.
damian i paulina brygier gospodarstwo z kurczakiem bez antybiotykow

Damian i Paulina Brygier

Adam Trytt hodowca wielkopolski

Adam Trytt z rodziną

Damian hodowca kurczaka

Zbigniew Muszla z synami

wielkopolski kurczak naturalny gdzie kupic
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Where to buy

Natural Chicken is available in stores and supermarkets throughout Poland.